QR Droid™ Permissions

Designed with security as a top priority, the best QR utility on the market offers a simple interface with abundant functionality  This functionality for improved usability requires access to certain permissions in your device. The detailed permissions used by QR Droid™ are:

1.     [ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION] - QR Droid allows you to store the location where a code was scanned or created. Later you can see this place on the map under "My QR Codes".

2.     [ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE] - While using 3G or EDGE, set QR Droid to show a webpage preview to save data costs and assure quality of the scanned link.

3.     [WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE] - Save generated QR codes on your SD card.

4.     [CAMERA] - QR Droid™ uses your device’s camera to scan codes, however QR Droid can only access your camera while you are using the app.

5.     [INTERNET] - QR Droid™ lets you decode from a QR Code on the Internet.

6.     [FLASHLIGHT] - In low light conditions activate the flash of your device by clicking on the light-bulb in the top right hand corner.

7.     [INSTALL_SHORTCUT] - Create shortcuts to your most-used features. Access them with a single tap, or install widgets to place you directly into the module of the app you use most.

8.     [READ_CONTACTS] - QR Droid™ lists your contacts so you can select and share information without typing anything. QR Droid™ never stores your Contact information, only you can see your Contacts.

9.     [READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS]  - Share your Browser’s Bookmarks without typing anything. Absolutely no information leaves your device, only you can see your Bookmarks.

10.  [WAKE_LOCK & C2DM]  - “Inbox” and “Feedback” options, using the in-app messaging system, allows you to receive important updates and send feedback directly to the QR Droid™ team.

11.  [VIBRATE]  - QR Droid™ comes complete with tactile feedback, after you scan a code, it can vibrate to confirm that the code was scanned.

NOTE:  If you don't want to grant the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, READ_CONTACTS and READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS permissions, please install "QR Droid Private™" ( instead.