Election 2012 Goes High Tech: QR Codes Bring 1.5 Million New Voters to the Polls?

It was just a matter of time before registering to vote became as simple as whipping out your cellphone.  Rock the Vote set a goal of 1.5 million registrations ahead of the November 2012 presidential elections.   They used a few novel approaches using QR codes.  One solution was a t-shirt design featuring a QR code […]
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What do Bat Caves, Blood Vessels, and QR Droid have in common?

A quick multiple choice quiz: What is special about the number 60,000? (please select the most correct answer) 60,000 is… A.   The number of miles of blood vessels in the human body, enough to wrap around the world 2.5 times. B.   The number of ratings that QR Droid has received since launching in December 2010. […]
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QR Droid surpasses 15 million downloads, and scores 5 stars… again!

With multiple 5-star awards, including the latest this fall from Android Mag.De (the leading Android magazine in Germany), it’s no wonder that we just surpassed the 15-million-download milestone! A mere six months after passing the 10-million-download mark, we are breaking records again… To put this accomplishment in perspective, we found these interesting facts about the […]
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QR Freedom

For the French, for Americans, and for many others the world over, the month of July is often associated with liberty, and this month we’d like to talk about how the QR code unleashes your freedom. The freedom to not get bogged down with so much information coming at you at warp speed. The freedom […]
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QR Droid 5.0

QR Droid 5.0 is here! Celebrating  10 million downloads, best QR Code app for Android has just became better! What’s new QR Droid‘s UI has been completely redesigned. Now, you’ll get a more streamlined, easier to use UI. Let’s check some improvements through screen captures: QR Droid now starts in “Scan” mode by default. With a […]
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