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Generate QR Codes from your PC

Now, you can create your own QR Codes directly from your computer. That way, you can send content optically to your Android: Just create a QR Code in your computer and scan it with your Android. To generate a QR Code, just do this: In your computer, open your favorite browser and go to: […]
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QR Droid v3.8

QR Droid version 3.8 has been released! Custom QR Codes Have you ever seen those custom QR Codes recently used by big companies, with their color and logo in there? Just like this one: Well, now you can create those codes right on your Android device! After that, just let QR Droid create a short […]
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One million downloads!

Today, QR Droid broke the one million installs barrier, less than 4 months after its first launch! Here are some dates and numbers about QR Droid‘s accelerated growth: December 8th, 2010: QR Droid was first launched December 31st, 2010: It was downloaded over 50,000 times February 1st, 2011: QR Droid officially hit first big threshold: […]
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Create color QR Codes

Now, you can create your own colorful QR Code right from your Android device! Just follow these steps: Open QR Droid (version 3.7 or greater) and select any option under “Generate.” For example, let’s choose Application Select the application you want to share and press the top-right button to create your QR Code Click this […]
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QR Droid is a Top-Free Productivity app

Starting today, QR Droid has been included by Android Market in its TOP FREE group of apps, under Productivity category, just next to other must-have Android apps. You just need to go to, and click Productivity. You’ll see a list of the best Android apps of this category: Right now, QR Droid does not […]
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QR Droid 3.7 released!

Color is here! Now, you can create your own colorful QR Code right from your Android device! Just follow this step-by-step guide: Worldwide support QR Droid is now available in 20 languages! Here’s the full list: English, Danish, Japanese, German, Finnish, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, French, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese […]
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QR Droid v3.6

QR Droid 3.6 has been released! What’s new? Short URLs for QR images After you create a QR Code, have you ever shared its URL? Then you’ve noticed that URL can be easily more than 1.000 chars length. It’s something like this:×350&chl=<Your-content-goes-here> Now, you can share and copy a short URL pointing to that […]
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