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QR Droid surpasses 500,000 downloads in less than 3 months!


Last February the 1st, I wrote a post to announce QR Droid had been downloaded over 250,000 times in less than 2 months. Now, exactly 22 days later, QR Droid has officially been installed by 250,000 more people, totaling over half a million downloads! That’s more than twice as fast than its first 250,000 downloads, which was already surprisingly fast.

As Android users know, “>250.000” is the top level shown in the mobile Android Market app, so you won’t be able to see this new threshold. However, Android Market WEB version (released a few weeks ago) does show more levels. Check out this screen-capture:

Thank you all for using QR Droid and, especially, for recommending it to your friends! Thanks to you the app is a great success!  We are constantly working hard to make it better, and you can look forward to updating to version 3.5 in next few days :) If you have any comments or suggestions to improve this app, leave them here as a comment to this blog, or write an email to

If you still don’t have QR Droid installed in your Android, get it for free here:

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