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Giving Thanks with QR Codes — Part I: It’s all about the Food


Scan to visit Thanksgiving Guide

Looking for some fresh ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner?  Scan the red QR code to be directed to the award-winning’s Thanksgiving page.  The food site features over 28,000 tested and tasty recipes from top chefs, leading restaurants, popular cookbooks, and leading magazines.

Download Kitchen Helper App

Worried about how to prepare enough food to feed the army you’ve invited to your home? Kitchen Helper is an app to do conversions for food, liquid, temperature and time; it also offers lists of common substitutions, and a listing of “heirloom weights” to help convert grandma’s famous stuffing recipe (just how much *is* a pinch of salt or a handful of walnuts?) into a recipe you can use today.  Use this app to take the recipe for your favorite side dish for four and turn it into enough food to feed 27.

NOTE: The Kitchen Helper App on iPhone is created by Masco Cabinetry (Merillat); on Android by GarSci Studios.  The purple QR Code we use here, generated with, recognizes the device you are using, and takes you to the relevant app download page.

Scan to download the BigOven app to your device

And what to do with all those leftovers?  With Big Oven, leftovers are no problem.  The app not only offers great recipes (and a place to store your own favorites), but its LeftoverWizard™ allows you to enter up to three ingredients and it will spit out a list of recipes that use them all.

Once you scan the green QR code and download the app, click on “Get Ideas” and then “Use Up Leftovers” to get to the Wizard.

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