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Giving Thanks with QR Codes — Part II: Friends & Family


Well, it’s almost that time of the year again when we get together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.  This is good news for us, as we will gorge on stuffing, cranberry, salads, cakes, and of course… turkeys — gobble, gobble.

Scan to find out who will sit by this placecard…

QR Code Placecards.  This could be the Thanksgiving to try an interesting experiment at your dinner table.  How about using QR codes instead of names on your place settings?  You can create the codes using our online Code Generator, and the code you create can send the person to a picture, a video (preferably embarrassing), a website (their facebook page?) or simply their name in text (the sky’s the limit – check out our nine code types and get creative!).  Family and friends can use the QR Droid Zapper app on their Android or iPhone to figure out where they are seated.  All they have to do is scan the code and it will show them who’s supposed to be seated at that spot (whether by a picture, a name or even a hint or mysterious clue).  Kick the fun off by showing your guests where to download the QR Droid Zapper app (, or if they don’t have a smartphone handy, let them use yours.  It’s a sure-fire conversation starter.

QR Code resolves to the Turkey Calls app for your device type

Turkey Trivia. Want a laugh?  Download Turkey Calls to your phone and wow the table.  The Android version of this app (by Excelltech) features more than ten real turkey calls with an explanation of when a turkey would make the noise.  The iPhone version (by Smart Wire LLC) is a sound app that you have to have if you either 1) are out hunting turkeys or 2) simply want to annoy someone at the table.  Either way, both apps are fun, free, and educational!  The orange QR Code included here was generated on the code generator, and automatically recognizes what kind of device you have and sends you to the relevant app store.

Scanning will send you to the relevant workout app for your device

Wacky Workouts.  After a delicious meal most of us feel as stuffed as the turkey was on the table.  Need a little help burning off that Thanksgiving feast?  Scan the purple code and install Burn the Turkey, a widget that lets you Android users place a delicious-looking Thanksgiving turkey on your home screen that disappears as you exercise.  Burn off 3,000 calories and it’s like you burned off an entire turkey.  Even though Burn the Turkey is only available for Android devices, the same purple code will still get other device users to a good workout!   For iPhone and other mobile phone types, this custom QR Code from, sends you to the Fitocracy app.  [To create a free QR code on QRStuff that identifies device type and actions accordingly, select the "" data type.]

Scan to “friend” and invite to dinner

Some of us are blessed with family and friends with whom to share the holidays.  Others of us need to be just a bit more creative.  Do this guy a favor, won’t you, and friend him?  He looks a little hungry!  We aren’t sure we would ever be brave enough to wear a shirt like this, but kudos to him for his innovative approach to friending people!

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