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Giving Thanks with QR Codes, More or Less

Scan this code to make a "text-to-give" donation via your mobile device

The Salvation Army uses QR Codes to make holiday giving easy

Ahh, Thanksgiving.  A time for appreciation.  A time for tradition.  A time to… shop.

QR Codes can simplify and enhance your celebration.  They can even help you share your abundance with other, less fortunate families.

Retailers are hoping to be put into the “black” as the Christmas shopping season starts right on the heels of the US’s national day of Thanksgiving, on a day famously known as “Black Friday.”  There is an inherent but familiar contradiction in the fact that all of America focuses one day on a spirit of charity and community, when the following day it’s all about the bargains.

In the midst of the holiday frenzy, QR Droid Zapper has prepared some fun QR Codes and Tips to help you get the most out of your celebrations (and shopping).

Click below to explore the Four F’s of our favorite Fall festivity:

- Food
- Family & Friends
- Football
(Black) Friday