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QR Codes ICE – In Case of Emergency


In Case of Emergency

You try to lead a healthy lifestyle. You jog or walk or bike. You may go to the gym or have a regular pick-up game of hoops once a week. And good for you! But have you thought about what could happen being the weekend warrior you are, champ?  It’s not a bad idea to create an ICE contact for yourself.

ICE – in case of emergency, the contact you should have if the unthinkable occurs, is for you too. Create a contact in the QR-Droid or Zapper Scanner app and first responders will know immediately how to take care of you properly and who to contact in case of emergency. Medication use, pre-existing conditions, allergies:  all important information medical personnel need to take the best care of you.

QR Codes make a great partner to your active lifestyle. Create a QR Code Contact and file it under the internationally recognized acronym, ICE. Print the QR Code on a sticker and affix to your helmet or bicycle, so anyone can easily scan it and find out who you are and how to help you. Sometimes helpful bystanders can’t figure out your phone or your smartphone reverts to a locked position and they can’t access your personal information. That QR Code sticker can save your life.

To make a contact QR Code go to our online generator,; or within the QR Droid / Zapper Scanner App. Our eBook series addresses in greater detail how to create ICE contacts or business card contacts quickly and easily with QR Codes. Check it out here.