QR Droid v3.6


QR Droid 3.6 has been released! What’s new?

  • Short URLs for QR images

After you create a QR Code, have you ever shared its URL? Then you’ve noticed that URL can be easily more than 1.000 chars length. It’s something like this:


Now, you can share and copy a short URL pointing to that QR Code image. And what’s nice is that that’s not a shortened URL that will redirect you to a long one; QR Code image is really in that short URL. For example, I’ve created a QR Code and shortened it, result was:


To do this, after creating a QR Code as usual, just press “Share”  or “Copy” buttons. You’ll get a prompt like this one:

Just select “URL (QrDroid.com)” and you’ll get this short URL

  • Polish

QR Droid v3.6 is available in 19 languages, with the addition of Polish. You can check the full list in our post about previous version


  • Some other improvements

Some other minor improvements have been done too. Probably you’ll notice it the most when decoding 1D barcodes in portrait mode, from your camera.

To upgrade QR Droid, or to install it for the first time, go to: