QR Droid v3.9


QR Droid version 3.9 has been released!

Battery consumption

A small bug that could increase battery consumption on certain devices has been fixed. Please, reboot your Android after updating to version 3.9 to take full advantage of this.

Flashlight shortcut

Now,  the flashlight button present while scanning from camera is compatible with more devices! For example, these pictures show it working on a Motorola Xoom.

Other improvements

  • Better decoding of saved QR images and from their URL
  • Now, you can make short URLs using our new short domain QR.ai
  • Share short URLs of generated QR Codes, using our new short domain too. For example: http://qr.ai/q0zz
  • When generating a link to Android Market for a certain app, now you can shorten it too

Get QR Droid

So, update now to version 3.9

  • From the Android Market


  • Direct download


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  • William Herron

    See Other improvements above.
    When a short URL is made, a message showing this URL shows on the screen. This message is only shown for a very short time.
    If you were not fast enough and did not copy this message, how can you learn what the short URL was?
    I am not fast enough.
    Can anyone help with an answer?

    • DroidLa

      William, there are to ways of creating a short URL after you made a QR code:
      - Copy > QrDroid.com
      - Share > QrDroid.com URL

      In first case, generated short URL is automatically copied to clipboard. Just go to where you want to use it and paste it.

      If you shared it, you will be prompted to choose what app to share to. For example, if you select Twitter, that app will be opened and created short URL will be there.

      We will consider to show that message for more time, or permanently until it is closed by user (at least when copying short URL).