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Read QR images shown in Android Browser


Most commonly, QR Codes are shown in web pages that you explore from your computer. They are used, for example, to install an app easily, just by pointing your camera yo your computer screen, as explained here.

However, what if you’re browsing that page from your Android browser itself? You just can’t scan your own screen. This video shows step-by-step how to solve this. All you need is an Android device with QR Droid installed on it.

  • In the Browser, long-click the image and select “Save image”
  • After downloaded, open image from notification bar
  • Select “Menu”, “Share”, “Decode with QR Droid”

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  • Mark

    Can this software scan micro QR codes? I hope so because this is BY FAR the best QR scanning app for the Android!

  • J. Payne

    It sure would be nice if there was a quick link to this feature on the main page, or, barring that, a plugin for chrome or other mobile browsers that would, when enabled, automatically hyperlink the QR code from the web page of origin. I’m beginning to see how QR codes can have endless possibilities for creative people to communicate. Looking forward to using them for any personal projects in the future.

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