QR Droid 4


QR Droid 4 Beta has been released!

QR Droid 4 Beta

The best QR Code processor has just became better! QR Droid lets you use your camera to scan a QR Code in a magazine and watch a video immediately! Or create a code from a Contact stored in your phone, let a friend scan it and get that info transfered! And much more…

If you are new to QR Codes or QR Droid, please read:

What are QR Codes? | Features of QR Droid

What’s new?

  • Completely new UI: QR Droid 4 has been completely redesigned. Check out these screenshots:

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  • Preview: The most advanced preview feature. Now, you can now exactly what a QR Code contains right after scanning it! Check out these images showing previews of: A YouTube video, a Geo-location, a Book and a Webpage:


  • QR Code creation: One of the best features of QR Droid 3.9 was its powerful QR Code creation engine. It got better! After you create a code, you can change its size, color, add a logo and label, and even encrypt it:

  • Default action: Now, you can choose exactly what to do automatically right after you scan a QR Code, without touching any button. The best part is you can set it independently, for each type of code. You can decide to open automatically QR Codes with Web links, to show a mini Google Maps for Geo-locations, but to leave it manual for plain-text codes. This feature (first/left image), along with shortcut creation (second/right image), makes QR Droid 4 the fastest QR Code reader.

  • In-app help: If you are new to QR Codes or QR Droid, don’t worry. First time you launch the app, you’ll get basic instructions about QR Codes and how to use QR Droid:

  • And much more!…

Then, what are you waiting for? Get QR Droid now!


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