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End of the World, Part 2 (whew!)

dinosaurs know of what they speak

Seems reasonable to us

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Why, oh why didn’t you listen to your mother? She told you to follow a career in science. If you had, you may have been one of the lucky six astronauts currently circling the earth in the International Space Station right now. And you know what that means, don’t you? Yup. You’d be one of the six last people left on this earth in case this end-of-the-world thing actually happens.

We’re feeling those overworked NASA public relations people. A web page they posted with FAQs has drawn more than 4.6 million views. And a video aptly entitled “Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday” they posted ironically enough last week, has received over 2.7 million hits.

If it’s any consolation, extreme weather is causing havoc in the US and beyond.  Super snow storms and torrential rains are causing airport closures, downed tree limbs, car accidents, downed electricity cables, and general mayhem.   So at least we have that.

People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.  They’re virtually high-fiving each other on the clever observation that because the Mayan calendar ends tomorrow, a good gift for your Mayan friends would be a new calendar.  For those of you with your hearts really set on the world ending, take heart: there are apparently still some ways it all might come to an end in an instant, just not on Dec 21st, 2012.

So, to answer the question we posed yesterday in Part 1:  Which is a better predictor of our fate as a planet, the Mayan calendar or the Oreo cookie? we simply say, pass the milk, please.


  • Chris Steadman

    Well what a relief, the date has passed and we’re still here, but I like your sense of humour.